Better Food for Better Communities

The Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for the development and maintenance of a system of sustainable agriculture to provide wholesome, natural food to the members of society. In addition to food, this Ministry is responsible for the production of raw materials required to build good homes and manufacture clothing.

Our Goals:

To create a self-sufficient community of growers, creating an environment for food security where every family is promised at least one meal a day. Sustainable farm space, educational space, chickens, bees, outdoor kitchen.

To create an online curriculum based on agriculture and growing food in you own space.

To facilitate community panel discussions on food sustainability and security.

To build collaborative partnerships with other community organizations and members.

To build a sustainable farm program.

To obtain our own farm space.

Community Farm
Rows of Produce
Pounds of Food Harvested

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As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest.

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